VPN for Gamers

At first, using a VPN might seem counter-intuitive for gamers because for them the fastest connection to a game is crucial and should always be maintained. This is because it is commonly known that a VPN is able to potentially affecting game performances, with the risk of a slower ping and a connection. Nevertheless, using a gaming VPN entails numerous benefits to gamers, providing them much more freedom and security while playing online games. From accessing geo-locked games to preventing DDoS attacks, a VPN proves to be always useful and effective. At ZenMate VPN, we ensure that every gamer is provided with the fastest internet connections and more secure and private environment to play online games.

Accessing Geo-blocked Games

Quite obviously, one of the reasons for using a gaming VPN is to gain an unrestricted access to any games that are available. One of the major functions of a VPN is to provide servers located in various worldwide locations and re-route your traffic in order to exchange your original IP address with a new one created from the desired location. Hence, with a gaming VPN, one can easily unblock games that are geo-restricted, access servers locked to other regions and play any games freely from any part of the world. How ZenMate VPN works and potentially unblocks games

Protection Against Security Breaches

The past few years have witnessed a trend that an increase in data breaches in gaming networks poses a serious threat to both security and privacy when playing an online game. Ranging from personal data to banking information, hackers know exactly how to extract information about players, bringing substantial damage to an individual as well as game publishers. In this situation, a gaming VPN offers a solution that promotes a secure and healthy environment for gamers and prevents any access by hackers. One of the functions of a VPN is encryption of your network traffic via its own encrypted connection, ensuring no one can track your online activities. In doing so, players can further enjoy their games knowing that their personal information is always protected.

Protection Against DDOS Attacks

Perhaps the most frequent method that hackers implement to steal your personal information in gaming networks is the use of DDoS attack. In fact, since the DDoS attack on Sony's PlayStation network which brought about $3.1 Billion damage in 2011, the attack has become more harmful and more frequent. In essence, DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. Hackers use multiple compromised systems which are often infected with a Trojan, to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS). With every game becoming more and more competitive, there are two common reasons concerning why hackers would launch a DDoS attack against online opponents: to gain an edge over opponents and eventually disrupt the game in their favor. As mentioned above, a gaming VPN protects gamers from possible security breaches and that obviously includes DDoS attacks. Thus, a VPN ensures that the games you play are safer and fairer than ever before.

Accessing Game Servers in Other Regions

Having said that a gaming VPN offers a variety of servers located in different parts of the world, gamers can simply select their preferable server to play online games. It is often the case that many gamers feel limited when they travel to different parts of the world as they cannot access the server they used to connect to play a game. For competitive gamers, such a restriction can cause serious inconvenience as they cannot access the game from a wanted server, causing a gap between them and their competitors. Also, it would be impossible to play a game with a friend in another country without having to relocate your virtual location, in other words, without the use of a VPN. A gaming VPN grants the gamers the freedom in choosing whatever the server they prefer. This implies that gamers can decide which server is more profitable and control the level of difficulties which varies among the servers. 

Be Among the First to Play New Games

With a gaming VPN, anyone can be the first to get their hands on a newly released game. Gamers can play new games by simply connecting to servers in countries with earlier launch dates. Dedicated players often use this method to have an edge over other players. Although many would argue there are only slight differences in launch dates, the differences in launch dates range from hours to even days. Hence, a VPN transcends local boundaries and helps players further their interests in gaming. ZenMate VPN installed on a laptop

Save Money when Purchasing Games Online

In 2016, annual video game spending soared up to $24.5 Billion, setting an all-time record solely in the U.S. Findings further suggest that there is a growing trend in buying the games online rather than visiting a game shop. Surely online game stores facilitate purchase processes and save a lot of time. However, the prices may vary depending on where you are located. For example, game customers in a more expensive market, such as the USA or Europe, pay much more than those in a less expensive market. This is due to the IP address you are using to purchase a game. Without a gaming VPN, your IP address will block your access to purchasing a game at a different region because that your current IP address informs the system about your whereabouts. However, with a little help of a VPN, you can gain total anonymity online and get your favorite games at the cheapest price wherever you may be.

Download ZenMate in 3 Steps

To download, set-up and start encrypting your data with ZenMate is super easy:

1. Download Zenmate's browser extension, desktop client or mobile app by clicking on PRODUCTS.

2. Follow the instructions within your VPN app or client in order to create your Zenmate account.

3. Choose which server location you would like to connect to and then click the big round button - your data is now encrypted. 

Why Is ZenMate the Best VPN for Gamers?

Against the common belief that a VPN rather slows down the connection and therefore not apt for gaming, ZenMate VPN offers a unique solution by offering our Premium users the fastest browsing speeds available. With more than 42 million downloads and still growing, ZenMate offers hundreds of servers in 30+ locations, turbo speeds, and top-notch encryption. With our gaming VPN, you are able to play any games at high-speed quality wherever you may be and gain full protection against any security breaches. Unlike a proxy, ZenMate never gives away your personal data to third parties. Instead, we ensure that every gamer experience more secure, private and free environment to play their favorite games.