ZenMate raises the bar for proxy server solutions

ZenMate has set a new standard for an anonymous proxy server service. Not only does it hide your identity by cloaking your IP, it also encrypts your data, keeping your personal information secure. You can choose from five different locations, so you needn't be restricted by any one location. If you dont know how to use a proxy server setup at home download our plugin! ZenMate is fast and reliable, so download the plugin now and enjoy seamless, anonymous browsing - no need for a proxy server list from the web anymore!

ZenMate is unlike other proxy sites

The team at ZenMate has worked hard to bring the benefits of a web proxy server to everyone. The plugin couldn't be easier to install and use. Hit the download button and with a simple click ZenMate installs into your browser where it will work in the background, using industrial-strength encryption technology to keep you totally secure. You can change your location by choosing from the list of proxy servers in London, Frankfurt, Zurich, New York or Kowloon, with just a single click, opening up an entire world of unblocked browsing using an anonymous proxy server from ZenMate. It is incredibly stable, giving you fast and reliable browsing without the need to know how to use a proxy server setup at home. It is also free, so everyone can enjoy the Internet the way it was intended to be: totally unrestricted.

Who should use ZenMate as a web proxy server service?

The short answer is that everyone should! Most of us these days shop online and that can expose our credit card information and personal data to phishers and crooks. ZenMate solves this by encrypting your browser traffic and keeping your details safe enhancing Internet security.

We all like to enjoy our favourite content wherever we are and ZenMate removes those annoying geographical restrictions and allows you to browse without restrictions without the need of a free proxy server list from the web. Unlike other proxy sites, you don't need any technical knowledge to use ZenMate. It is an elegant way to unblock the Internet and enjoy unrestricted browsing with a simple list of proxy servers in five locations to choose from.