How to Unblock Websites

Depending on where you are in the world, websites may be blocked to you for a variety of reasons. While many governments block social media, news sources or porn websites due to political motives, streaming websites such as Netflix and YouTube are forced to block certain content due to rights reasons. Whatever your particular problem, we will show you how you can unblock websites for free using a VPN. Plus, we will explain to you why you should never use proxy websites to unblock sites online.

4 Steps to Unblock Any Website

Whether you want to unblock websites while travelling or at school, on your iphone or your laptop, simply follow these 4 steps and you will have a free proxy and website unblocker for life:

  1. Create an account with ZenMate for free by clicking on ‘SIGN UP’.
  2. Download ZenMate’s VPN to your browser, desktop or smartphone. Our app works on most devices including iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Chrome and Firefox. Click on ‘DOWNLOADS’ and choose the best one for you.
  3. Change your virtual location to whichever country the blocked site is available in.
  4. Enjoy accessing your favourite blocked sites anonymously and securely, no matter where you are.

Why a VPN is the best website unblocker

How it works: unblocking websites with a VPN

Ever wondered how websites can be blocked to you depending on where you are in the world? The answer to that is your IP address. An IP address is something that every web user has and can be used to identify where you are in the world. Your IP address is pretty necessary as it is what allows you to connect with other computers. However, the annoying thing about an IP address is that websites or governments can use this information to stop you accessing certain sites, depending on your location.

Using a VPN allows you to change your IP address as your VPN provider can exchange your original IP with one from their servers. Since good VPN providers have servers based all over the world, you will now have a choice of which country you would like to access the web from. At ZenMate we have server locations based in over 30 different countries, including the US and UK, meaning you can use ZenMate to unblock almost any website in the world.

Why you shouldn’t use proxy websites as your website unblocker

Proxy websites weaken your online privacy and security

Many people use basic proxy websites such as to unblock websites for free. The problem with using these websites is that they massively weaken your online security and privacy and make it much easier for your personal information to be intercepted by hackers. In fact, the majority of these websites make money by storing your personal information and selling it on. The best case scenario is that this information is sold on to eager advertisers, the worst case scenario is that everything you type while using proxy sites (including emails, passwords and banking details) is being sold on to cyber criminals.

Alternatively, when you use a VPN such as ZenMate’s all of your online data is encrypted, meaning that VPNs actually increase your online privacy and security, instead of weakening it. In fact for most people, this increased privacy and security is the primary function of a VPN. Therefore, by downloading a VPN not only do you receive an unlimited website unblocker, but you also receive a perfect piece of software for improving your online privacy. This is especially important for people who travel a lot and make regular use of dangerous public wi-fi networks such as those found in hotels and coffee shops. For more information check out the rest of the articles in our Academy, or download ZenMate now and discover for yourself why a VPN is the ultimate website unblocker.

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