USA VPN: Get a USA IP Address with ZenMate VPN

From Netflix to sports channels, the USA has some of the best online content. At the same time, however, mass data collection from both the government and large corporations is affecting anyone trying to access the internet from within the United States. ZenMate’s USA VPN allows Americans to protect their online privacy, while also providing non-Americans with access to their favourite stateside content.

How to download your USA VPN

Whether you’re an American looking for privacy or an international in need of a US IP address, simply follow these 3 simple steps to download your US VPN:

  1. Create an account with ZenMate by clicking on ‘PRICING’.
  2. DOWNLOAD ZenMate’s VPN to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  3. Once downloaded, change your virtual location to the United States. You are now browsing completely anonymously, with a US IP address.


Why use ZenMate US VPN?

As a German-based company, ZenMate is bound by strict data protection laws that forbid us from selling your data to third-parties. Moreover, ZenMate also has a zero-logging policy which means you never need to worry about your personal data and browsing habits being accessed by the US government. Finally, our US VPN is supported by multiple servers located on both the east and west coast of the US, ensuring you fast and reliable access to your favourite American content.

Why Americans are using a VPN

Government surveillance: the NSA and privacy

Almost 5 years since the infamous Snowden leaks and it seems that not so much has changed in the United States. In April 2017, the Trump Administration voted to repeal the FCC’s decision to grant broadband customers’ greater control over their privacy and data, essentially granting US internet service providers permission to collect, analyze and sell your data without consent or knowledge.

'Almost 5 years since the infamous Snowden leaks and it seems that not so much has changed in the United States."

By downloading a VPN, anyone browsing from within the United States is able to encrypt all of their online traffic and surf the web truly anonymously. Using a USA VPN stops the government and corporations from being able to store or sell your data, meaning absolutely nobody is able to see what you are doing online. usa vpn

How to get a US IP address?

Unblock websites with a US VPN

Ever wondered how US sites such as Hulu and Netflix can be blocked to people living outwith the US? The answer to that is your IP address. Your IP address is a unique set of numbers that is used to identify your computer online and can also be used by US sites to block content from people surfing outwith the United States.

When you connect to ZenMate’s USA VPN, we provide you with a US IP address from one of our America-based servers. As a result, you will be able to use our US VPN to access any site that is currently blocked in your country, including social networks, YouTube videos, American sport and TV shows. If you want to learn more about how VPNs work and why you should be using one then check out our article ‘What is a VPN?’ Or you can simply download our USA VPN now and find out for yourself.

Protect your privacy and unblock any website with our USA VPN.