What is a Proxy?

You must have heard of a proxy before (maybe), but do you actually know what a proxy is or what a proxy does? You might have the basics, but we’re here explain everything you need to know about a proxy in great detail. Be ready to feel like an expert in a very short amount of time.

Proxy: Defined, Dissected, Discussed.

The basics of a Proxy.

A proxy or a proxy server, in a nutshell, is another computer that serves as portal through which internet requests are processed. In simpler terms, in computer networks, a proxy works as an intermediary for requests from other internet users that are looking for resources from other servers. As an example, think of Netflix. If you live outside of the US, you cannot log in to US Netflix due to your geographical location of your IP address, a.k.a. geo-restrictions. In order to be access other countries content, you would have to change your IP address. A proxy would allow you to gain an American IP address because you would be connected to a server located in a different country (The USA), and you would be able to access any shows that you wish for. Most people using proxy servers connect to a proxy because they are in need of some service that is not available on their ‘home’ wifi networks. The reasons for blocking content usually have to do with copyright law, geo-location restrictions, or governmental censorships.

Everything is always about an IP address… but why?

Proxy servers are deeply connected to IP addresses, so it only makes sense that you understand how one works. An IP address is a way that allows computers to communicate with each other across the internet. IP address allows the exact location of all digital devices that are connected to the internet to be known. Just imagine a letter being sent to someone in order to understand how an IP address works. When sending out a mail, you note down your address on it, so the receiver can send their answer back to you. The same occurs with IP addresses, a computer needs to know you IP address to communicate with your computer and provide you with online content that you are seeking. And a proxy is mailman, like postman Pat who makes it all possible.

Who uses a proxy… and why?

Get a proxy, create a new online identity, be anonymous.

P: Proxies are popular for many different reasons. Most people use them in order to surf the web anonymously, as a proxy can provide you the necessary means to hide your real IP address from the rest of the world. How does it work? By using a proxy when connecting to the internet, your IP address will be replaced by the IP address of a different proxy server. The benefits of it include online privacy and security. Also, it can help you to prevent the storage of cookies on your PC which mean no more annoying ads on every single page that you visit.

Access to blocked resources on the internet.

Another popular use of online proxy serves is to access different content across the internet. If certain pages are censored in your own country, then a proxy can be used to circumvent the censorship and gain access to anything you wish for. The same applies to online services that are available only in specific countries, like already mentioned above Netflix. People who wish to access such services can use a proxy server to change their IP in order to achieve their goal.

Are VPNs and Proxies the same?

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network that is there to create an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the host server. VPN is there to provide you with complete internet security meaning that your IP address and all of your online activities are completely hidden, because anything that you do is routed through the VPN.

VPN vs. Proxy

Both a proxy and VPN service can be used to re-route your internet traffic and change your IP address, but there are certain differences between the two. Proxies tend to work more like web filters that are attached to your internet browser. Once the proxy server is on, it changes your geographic location via a new IP address with a proxy server. You gain all of the same benefits with a VPN service, but with a VPN service all of your traffic is encrypted. Good news about VPNs is they will work with all internet services, while a proxy is more server basic, meaning that is might not be as compatible with certain web pages. All in all, it seems that VPN is a safer choice than a proxy. VPNs improve your online anonymity, speed, and keeps your data yours while online.

Thinking about getting a VPN service too?

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