ZenMate Releases WebRTC Leak Protection


Berlin, April 24, 2018 ZenMate decided to develop its own feature to prevent the possibility of WebRTC leaks in the Chrome Browser Extension. We thereby added an extra level of security for our users. The new solution ‘WebRTC Protect’ has been released on April 16.

A simple toggle within the Chrome Extension gives users the option to enable it. Furthermore, it has been released as a separate extension in the Chrome store. By having a choice between turning WebRTC Protection on and off, users won’t experience any complications with online services that require WebRTC in order to function. The workaround ZenMate offered up until now hereby becomes irrelevant - no extra steps have to be taken by users anymore. Their IP addresses are safe at all times.

While WebRTC leaks are minor leaks in comparison, we wanted to react fast when the issue was thematized in a recent publication without negatively impacting the user’s access to certain programmes. We always put our heads together to find in-house fixes for issues. This way, we know we can simplify the user experience and be agile in our reaction to problems all VPNs face.

ZenMate also tackled a potential risk for DNS leaks through its Smart Locations feature. This feature in all Premium Browser Extensions acts as a 'Whitelist', allowing users to have ZenMate automatically connect to a preset location when visiting specified websites. We have now turned this feature off by default, and because there is no risk for DNS leaks without Smart Locations being turned on, the user is absolutely secure from the start. When they now turn Smart Locations on, they are informed about the potential risk and can make a decision depending on their personal needs.

It was important to us that these new security measures would still leave options for our users open and not impair the usability of our VPN Extensions. ZenMate will continue to integrate security measures into its user friendly features in order to provide the best possible products.