Internet security and privacy solutions for businesses - secure and private business communication & data, international quality assurance, and unblocking of restricted online content for companies and employees

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The Main Applications of ZenMate for Business

ZenMate for Business offers online security, privacy and access to restricted online content around the world. Through our easy-to-use user management dashboard, software products, and excellent service, we help businesses with the following use cases.

International Quality Assurance

Change your virtual location to test your websites, products and services from other countries.

Data and Employee Security

Protect company data and employees from hackers, malware and snooping, by using advanced encryption when connected to wireless networks or public WiFi.

Unrestricted Content for remote workers

Enable your colleagues to access vital online content, such as work resources, websites, news and social media otherwise blocked by geographic restrictions.

Anonymous Business Research

Conduct online research while having an obfuscated identity - ideal for journalists or high profile firms that do not wish to be logged, tracked or blocked by geographic restrictions.

Secure VoIP Calls

Secure and encrypt your vulnerable private calls from interceptions when using VoIP applications.

IP Address Protection

Prevent your business IP address from being filtered or blocked by other services or websites.

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ZenMate for Business Features

Our business licensing comes with the following benefits.

User Management Dashboard

Our business licensing comes with the following benefits.

Consolidated Payment

One single payment for multiple ZenMate users within your business, including an overview of your subscription and invoice details.

Full Access to Server Network

You will have full access to our exclusive, high-traffic servers for our fastest speeds and all available locations.

Priority Business Support

You will be given priority by your dedicated Account Manager and Business Support Team throughout your subscription.

Multi-Device Applications

Every account has exclusive access to up to 5 connections, including browser extensions, Windows and Mac OS X clients, and apps for Android and iOS.

Exclusive Features

Access to advanced security and privacy features, such as Smart Locations, Malware Blocking and Tracking Protection.