What is Geo-Blocking?

While geo-blocking might sound complicated and unfamiliar to you, it is a fairly simple term. Geo-blocking is a form of online restriction based on one's geographical location. In other words, one cannot access specific content if he or she is outside a certain region. How does a company know where you are from? Short answer - your IP address. Your IP address is your online address, it easily reveals your current geographical location. When you are living in a particular country, you might have access to everything, while in another to nothing. Geo-blocking is a method used more and more often by companies around the globe, but don't worry, it can be easily avoided. Read on and learn more about geo-blocking and how to avoid it.

How does Geo-blocking work?

Geo-blocking is a very simple, but effective practice of restriction. Every device in the world, which connects to the internet has a unique identifier in a special format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. This unique identifier is called the Internet Protocol address, or an IP address for short. An IP address reveals your geographical location to the server that you request site access from. If your IP address does not match the required requirements, you will not be granted access to content or website.

Why is content geo-blocked?

Geo-blocking is used by many companies around the globe for various reasons. To follow licensing regulations, to release products one location at a time or to differentiate prices. Segmenting the world into territories and regions helps many corporations around the world to create more localized marketing campaigns or products and maximize revenue.

VPN - a simple, yet effective solution

The best solution to avoid geo-blocking can be the use of a VPN. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is at the moment the best and most reliable solution to geo-blocking. Additionally, A VPN can also provide you with anonymity online, as well as data encryption. How does a VPN work? A VPN service simply allows you to connect to a server in the desired country and exchange your IP address with it. This way, when connecting to a specific site, the IP address of the server you have connected to will be shown. This means no more restrictions and no more tracking.

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Can I just use a free Proxy?

Free proxy infrastructure costs money. So if the provider of the proxy that you are using is not charging you money - he probably is selling your data or even might be collecting your private information such as passwords or login details. VPN services pay for the servers they provide and that's why good VPNs are not free.

Examples of geo-blocked websites:


    BBC iPlayer


    HBO GO

    Various Live Sport Events

Avoid restrictions in 3 steps:

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