Why does a VPN client protect you better than a VPN extension?

August 23rd, 2018

As you already probably know, VPNs are essential tools for people who regulary connect to the internet. They don't only encrypt the internet connection and online activity, but also re-route all of the traffic through a remote global server of the users choice. A couple of years ago, not many people knew about the existance of VPNs, but since the increase of cybercrime, scandals revolving around goverment tracking agencies and cencorship, VPNs are becoming very popular.

VPNs are multifunctional tools. They not only ensure online security, unblock geo-blocked content, help to avoid leaving footprints online, bypass cencorship and restrictions, as well as improve online privacy. But do all VPNs, in all its forms provide similar protection?

Our Support often recieves questions regarding this topic - " Does your VPN extension protect me as well as your desktop clients?". Our ZenMate VPN extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera provide a powerful encryption with a simple click - yet, you have to remember that the security protection extends only to the browser activity. These plugins provide protection to all the traffic coming and going through the browser. If you need to secure a connection for any other app that is installed on your device - you will need one of our desktop clients. Same way it would work for a mobile device.

Below, you can find reasons why a desktop client will protect you better than an extension:

    A "native" client offers better protection since it encrypts all traffic coming and going from a device that is connected to the internet. A plugin/extension only encrypts traffic that is used by a browser. If you are using a VPN for Gaming or Torrenting, you will need a client protecting your whole device. If you want a VPN to protect an app for your device that is not a browser, then you need a VPN client.

    Another benefit of using a so called "native" client is the level of the encryption that it offers. Extension VPN often offer encryption that is not as powerful as the one offered by a client. While many clients offer IPsec encryption, plugins or extension offer TLS. If you want the highest level of encryption offered then a client is way to go.

    Many "free" VPNs offered are simply proxies which do not offer a secure connection.

To summarize, in current times it is important to use a VPN to encrypt your connection. A reliable VPN ensures security and anonymity while browsing online.

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