Unblock Websites

Websites can be blocked for many different reasons.

Maybe you live in a country where the government blocks social media, adult sites, and messaging services. Or perhaps you're traveling and want to watch the US Netflix library or stream sporting events.

Whatever the reason may be, a VPN is the safest, fastest, and most reliable way to unblock websites and gain access to your favorite content - wherever you are.

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Choose a VPN to Unblock Websites

A VPN is not only the perfect way to unblock websites, but it also encrypts all your internet traffic. Which makes your digital life private and secure while being connected to the internet.

Don't let advertisers or the government track your every move.

Over 47+ million users worldwide choose ZenMate VPN. And they use it to access blocked content as well as making sure they stay anonymous and leave no tracks behind.

Unblock content with ZenMate in 3 simple steps:

If you want to unlock blocked websites while traveling or at school, on your iPhone or your laptop, follow these 3 easy steps, and you will have a reliable website unblocker:

    1. Download ZenMate's browser extension, desktop client or mobile app by clicking here

    2. Follow the instructions to create your ZenMate account.

    3. Choose your VPN server and then click the big round button - your data is now encrypted, and you have changed your virtual location!

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ZenMate VPN works with iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and more.

So, no matter what device you use, you'll be able to access the websites blocked in your country, streaming content, videos, and more!

How does a VPN unblock sites?

You should be using a VPN as your website unblocker as VPNs are the only safe, reliable and fast method for unblocking sites. Did you ever wonder how come you can't access restricted websites? The answer is simple: your IP address.

Every internet user has an IP address that acts like a device's postal address. It's a unique set of numbers that identify your computer online. The bad thing about IP addresses is that they reveal your geographical location to any website you are trying to access. So, companies like Internet Service Providers or governments use your IP address to determine what websites you can visit.

ZenMate VPN allows you to hide your IP address using remote servers from various locations worldwide. When you connect to a server from a different country, your dedicated IP address will change to one from that country. At ZenMate, we have hundreds of servers based in 37 + countries, including the USA and UK.

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Why use ZenMate VPN as a site unblocker?

ZenMate VPNs is a safe, reliable, and fast method for unblocking sites. That's because ZenMate doesn't only hide your IP address, but it also encrypts your traffic. Which means absolutely nobody, including governments, ISPs, hackers, and criminals, can see your online activity.

So, ZenMate VPN doesn't only act as a website unblocking tool. It's a vital piece of software for anyone who doesn't want the government or advertisers to get their hands on their data.

VPNs are also useful for anyone who regularly uses public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in hotels and coffee shops. Because usually, those type of networks can be easily hacked. And ZenMate ensures that you don't have your banking details or password information stolen while using poorly secured networks. ZenMate VPN is the perfect tool for people who wish to stay anonymous and browse privately.

Should I use a proxy to unblock websites?

Many people use a basic web proxy as a quick fix when facing blocked popular websites.

However, proxies can be a huge risk to your online privacy and security. Because they're often operated by cyber criminals who use them to get access to everything you do online. Including your emails, passwords, and credit card details.

A free proxy can help you unblock sites but at the cost of gathering and selling your data.

A proper proxy infrastructure costs a lot of money, and if a proxy site is for free, then you should ask yourself how the people running the page are making a profit. If they aren't stealing your details, then there's a good chance that they are logging your data and selling it to advertisers. Which the website you visit will be so flooded with ads that the slow speeds will make it unusable.

Unblock Websites with ZenMate VPN

Instead of using a dodgy proxy try out ZenMate VPN. We never log any of our users browsing data so nobody, including us, will know what you are doing online. We are committed to helping build a secure, private, and free internet.

Download ZenMate to instantly access your favorite websites. You'll be able to unblock Facebook from anywhere in the world, bypass filters and unblock video streaming content on YouTube and access blocked sites.