ZenMate Manifesto

ZenMate is pushing forward privacy, security, and freedom on the Internet by creating the best VPN service in the world, that can be used by anyone, no matter their technical experience.

Our promise to you

ZenMate is not storing your IP address or personal data

  • ZenMate is not tracking who you are or what you do online.
  • ZenMate is not selling data to third parties.
  • ZenMate cannot give away your personal data to authorities or third parties as it is not stored in the first place.
  • ZenMate is proudly based in Berlin and operates under strict German data protection laws.

ZenMate is operating its own infrastructure

  • ZenMate is not using you as a peer, exit node or botnet.
  • ZenMate is not routing traffic of others through your device.
  • ZenMate is providing parts of its expensive, international server fleet for free, made possible by ZenMate’s awesome Premium users.