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Online Privacy vs Public WiFi

At the PyeongChang Winter Games anyone can freely use public WiFi at all 13 venues. However, without a VPN, your data is unprotected on public Wi-Fi networks. Don’t get overwhelmed by the ubiquitous WiFi coverage – be smart: secure your privacy online!

Protect Yourself From Hackers

More than 500,000 people are coming to see the Games in the smallest city to host the Olympics since 1944. Use ZenMate VPN to protect your passwords and banking information. Focus on sports, not on worrying.

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No Restrictions On Your Favourite Content

Russia is banned from competing in the Games. Don’t get banned from your favourite websites and avoid censorship in South Korea. Our VPN service lets you access websites and videos that are restricted in South Korea. Access social media, news sources, gaming sites and more.

Fast and Furious

PyeongChang expects the completion of a new high-speed rail system which will reduce travel time from 2.5 hrs to 69 minutes. Likewise ZenMate Premium VPN enables a turbo speed connection. Stay tuned and don't lose connection speed while using ZenMate.

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