Setup OpenVPN on MacOS

1. Install Tunnelblick OpenVPN client for Mac OS

  • Skip to 2. if already installed.
  • Install Tunnelblick: Download stable version from Homepage Tunnelblick home and install 

  • Upon first launch Tunnelblicks asks for required privileges, click OK

  • On the initial start you might see the Welcome to Tunnelblick dialog, click "I have configuration files" (if you are asked)...

2. Download OpenVPN config file from ZenMate dashboard

  • Choose `Linux` in Dialog 

3. Import config to Tunnelblick

  • Unzip the config downloaded from dashboard using Finder
  • Should see two files. Drag the ovpn config file named `ZenMate-macos-XX.ovpn` into the Configurations window of Tunnelblick.
  • Tunnelblick will prompt whether to install for all users, click Only Me
  • Grant Permission for Tunnelblick to install a OpenVPN configuration

  • Disable down-root plugin

4. Click Connect. The following Dialog should appear briefly

5. Profit