Can I setup OpenVPN on another platform?


Looking for instructions or a configuration file for a platform we have not listed? No problem! There is a multitude of platforms which support the OpenVPN client, but we are not able to list all of them. If your device supports OpenVPN, then ZenMate for OpenVPN surely works! If you are looking for a configuration file we have not listed, then follow instructions below.

Following instructions can be used for devices such as:

  • Amazon Firestick TV, Smart TV, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Raspberry Pi, Routers, and other devices


  1. Install an OpenVPN client on your platform
  2. Log in into your ZenMate account and select the OpenVPN section under /dashboard/open-vpn 
  3. Manually type the name of your platform in the In the "Select platform" typeform and confirm with Enter
  4. Pick your "Primary use"
  5. Select prefered Location and start the download of the .zip configuration file
  6. If the downloaded file does not work, consult guides written on the official page of OpenVPN or download another OpenVPN client that works on your platform!