Setup OpenVPN on Windows 10

  1. To run OpenVPN on Windows via your ZenMate Ultimate subscription, you would have to download the OpenVPN GUI from the OpenVPN website.
  2. Download the OpenVPN GUI application from For a quick setup, look for the last stable release for your system, available as an .exe for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. 
  3. Open the installer once your download is complete. You may be prompted with a system message asking for your permission to let OpenVPN install. Please select "Allow".
  4. Next, follow the installation wizard to install the OpenVPN GUI on your PC.
  5. Once Complete, select "Finish". At this point it is not necessary to run the OpenVPN GUI, as you would first have to configure its connection to our servers.
  6. Click on Start or hit the Windows key, and search for "OpenVPN GUI"
  7. Right click on OpenVPN GUI and select "Open File Location", bringing you to a screen similar to this one.
  8. Once again, right click on the shortcut for OpenVPN GUI, and select "Open File Location".
  9. From here, click on the parent folder "OpenVPN" in your File Explorer's address bar.
  10. Open the "config" folder
  11. Now its time to get OpenVPN up and running! Open your ZenMate User Dashboard under
  12. Choose your desired configuration.
    1. Select the config system that best matches your needs based on your OS.
    2. Then select which server you would like to connect to via OpenVPN.
  13. Once downloaded, unzip the OpenVPN folder that's just been downloaded into your downloads folder. You should see 2 configuration files.
  14. Drag both these files into the "config" folder as opened in step 10. Depending on your user permissions, you may be required to provide Administrative Permissions for this. Please do so.
  15. Now, search for the OpenVPN GUI that you have downloaded in the beginning of this tutorial, and run the program.
  16. OpenVPN should now be running in your system tray. Simply right click, and connect. In a few seconds you should be connected to your chosen ZenMate server via OpenVPN.
  17. To ensure your're connected to our server and there's no issues in the configuration, open in your browser to confirm your connection.
  18. You're all set!



Please note: To disconnect from OpenVPN and revert to your original connection, please right click on the OpenVPN GUI in your taskbar and select "disconnect". Although it is not recommended to do so when torrenting, streaming, downloading, or when generally maintaining online security.