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ZenMate Identity Shield

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ZenMate Identity Shield

What is ZenMate Identity Shield?

Did you know that when the security of a website is compromised by hackers, large quantities of users’ personal information such as emails and passwords are leaked? People who regularly connect to the internet and reuse their passwords are especially affected in such instances. The intent of Identity Shield is to notify our users when their email accounts are involved in such data breaches. To keep you and your identity secure, ZenMate performs monthly security checks and will contact you only in the case of a potential breach.

Secure Your Credentials

Large data leaks happen all the time. Adobe, Yahoo, and eBay have all been victims of attacks in the past. Ideally, you should use a different password for every account you own online to make it harder for your identity and credentials to be shared during such breaches. However, if the email you have used to register for ZenMate turns out to be compromised, we will inform you to ensure you’re able to change your credentials.

Growing Amount of Breaches

Many people are still not educated on the dangers that come with security breaches and email leaks. Very often, spammers collect information to attempt to hack into users' accounts and distribute spam emails in their names. Just in 2017, the "Spambot" leak released more than 700 million addresses in a huge accidental data breach. We are all constantly online, and we could all do with that extra bit of security. So protect your identity today!

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