ZenMate Pulse: The New Definition of Ad Blockers

We believe you should be in charge of your browsing experience, so why stop when you can go? Give your internet the green light.

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Block Ads & Malvertising

No ads, no malware, no phishing? No problem. No Web FireWall? Big Problem.

Our Web FireWall extension is truly an all-encompassing solution to so many issues an everyday Internet user faces - pop up ads, trackers, phasing schemes, malware, and malvertising. With ZenMate Pulse, all these threats are stopped in their tracks before they have the chance to knock on your door.

ZenMate Pulse provides an easy-to-follow illustration and explanation of the threats you face on each website you visit, allowing you to not only possess an all-inclusive ad blocker but actually understand what is trying to pry into your online life.

Powerful Tracking Protection

Our Web FireWall doesn’t JUST block ads, it tells you WHY.

When you have ZenMate Pulse running on your browser, you're given the power to not only just see the number of ads being blocked, we actually tell you what exactly is being blocked, why it is being blocked, and even a handy-dandy definition of each type of blocked content. We don’t just want you to feel safe, we want you to be certain you are safe online.

Let's prove it to you; we have tracking protection against over 2,000 third-party sites. Meaning? On top of those pesky advertisements being blocked, no site will be able to track your movements across the web or place retargeting pixels in your web browser. So, when you leave a website and go on to the next riveting Buzzfeed article or mugshots of Justin Bieber, only you and your identity come along. No spyware. No trackers. No sweat - we have you protected.

Faster Browsing Experience

Adblock, check. Privacy Protection, check. How about speed?

We're going to compare your speed when browsing online to your speed when driving a car. When you're browsing the Internet and all of these pop-up ads, malvertising, trackers, etc. are appearing on your browser, they are actually using your bandwidth to do so. Compared to driving on a highway, it’s like each ad, tracker, or pop-up is a pothole or speed bump. To avoid damaging your vehicle, you have to slow down to avoid the obstacles. But with your Pulse beating strong, it’s like driving a monster truck online - making any obstacle which you may face while browsing insignificant and obsolete.

End result? Nothing stands in the way of your bandwidth and it can operate at top speed. So now you have your privacy, speed and security online, so you can enjoy the web as you want it.

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