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What is ZenMate SafeSearch?

ZenMate SafeSearch is a simple extension for your Chrome browser that warns you when sites are that you visit are malicious or contain malware, as well as if pages are known to spread fake news and biased content. Make the internet more transparent by gaining valuable information before clicking on a website. This tool will change the way you browse and add a real benefit to your internet experience that you’ll be able to feel every single day.

Surf with Security

Our vision is to build a more trustworthy web and we are completely unbiased in the information we provide. You'll simply be warned about malware and suspicious content when using your search engine and can therefore easily avoid websites that contain it. Surf with security - ban malicious websites and fake news from your internet experience with this easy-to-use Chrome extension.

Detect Harmful Content

‘Fake news’ are currently everywhere. Our feeds are full of harmful content and the internet is drenched in distorted information. ZenMate SafeSearch helps you recognize untrustworthy pages by aggregating and enriching various databases and feeds. It provides you with valuable information about the websites you are looking for and thus helps you navigate the web with fewer risks.

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