mSpy leaks millions of records for the 2nd time in 3 years

September 7th, 2018

mSpy - a mobile spyware maker boasted as the "ultimate monitoring software" has managed to yet again leak millions of sensitive user data in just 3 years. The data leaked by the spyware company includes passwords, call logs, messages, contacts or notes - basically anything that can be stored on a mobile. mSpy provides its clients with a "software as a product", which helps to spy on the mobile devices of kids, family or partners.

According to krebsonsecurity.com, an open database allowed anyone to search through mSpy records. The database showed customer transactions as well as all the data collected by mSpy software on its users. The database was open to anyone and did not require any authorization.

This is not the first time mSpy has failed to protect their customer data. A very similar situation happened in 2015.

Data breaches and leaks are increasing in occurance. That's why we at ZenMate have decided to offer our premium subscribers a service called "Identity Shield". With Identity Shield, we will notify you anytime the email you signed up for ZenMate shows up in a data breach database.

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