Zenmate Confirms Full Protection in Regards to Voracle Attacks

August 15th, 2018

ZenMate (https://www.zenmate.com), the leading VPN service provider owned by the internet security and privacy company ZenGuard GmbH, has issued a statement regarding recent discussions in regards to the VORACLE decryption attacks. ZenMate confirms that their users remain fully protected and all their online traffic and activity remains encrypted without any possible compromise.

Ahamed Nafeez, a security engineer that recently confirmed that his VORACLE decryption attacks against popular VPN services that use the protocol OpenVPN and compress their data before encryption could easily be compromised. In such instance, the VPN users would become completely vulnerable and exposed to attacks or tracking.

ZenMate VPN is glad to inform that its users have no reason for concern. All of the ZenMate VPN clients use IPSec encryption by default and the brand new Ultimate tier which has introduced OpenVPN has never supported data compression.

“Among all the recent discussions regarding VPN vulnerabilities, we would like to inform all of our users that they have nothing to worry about. We constantly ensure that the online traffic coming from our users is encrypted and we strive to eliminate all possibilities of any leaks or potential data breaches. We also would like to remind users that we operate under a very strict no-logs policy” states Jörn Stampehl, the CTO of ZenMate.

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