Your Personal Information Is Going Up For Sale

The Senate and House of Representatives have just voted to pass S.J.Res.34, allowing your internet providers to sell your browsing history to advertisers without your consent.

What just happened?
The US House and Senate just voted to kill the FCC privacy rules that force internet service providers to get your permission before selling your web browsing history to advertisers.
What does this mean for you?
In short, this means that your ISP will be able to gather data on where you are, what you watch and what sites you visit, and then sell this information on to anyone who’s willing to pay for it.
What can I do to stop it?
By using a VPN you can encrypt all of your internet traffic. This means that absolutely nobody, including governments, advertisers and ISPs, can see what you are doing online.

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  • Enjoy a free and open internet.
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