Why a VPN Is an Essential Travel Companion

August 4th, 2018

Finally going on your long awaited vacation? Passport ✓, Money ✓, Phone ✓, Flight Tickets ✓, Credit Card ✓. How about a trustwrothy VPN? As travel to distant places has become much faster and easier over the recent years, our travel essentials have changed. A reliable VPN subscription has become one of the most important travel companions for many reasons.

We need to remember that VPNs are not only for the technologically advanced users. A VPN is a simple tool which everyone who regularly connects to the internet should know about. Below we have prepared the most important reasons why a VPN is a must have during your travels - distant or local.

    Using Public WiFi: During travels, people often connect to public Wifis: airports, hotels or coffee shops - it doesn't matter where. When you connect to a public network, all of your activity and data is exposed. A proper VPN service will protect you with ease.

    Cencorship / Geo-Blocked Content: Many countries around the world impose strict cencorship over social media platforms, websites or video content. If you are traveling abroad and still would like access to your favorite websites, platforms or shows, then VPN is a must.

    Ensures Security and Privacy from cybercriminals, goverments and ISPs - Protect yourself from identity theft and unwanted tracking. ZenMate has 100% No-Log Policy, which means you leave no footprints behind.

    Book cheaper flights while traveling - Don't let yourself be discriminated based on your location. Using a VPN can often help you save money on flights or car rentals. This is especially useful when you are travelling around.

Considering a VPN for your travels? Why not try ZenMate? Over 45 million users around the globe have trusted us and were not left disappointed. We provide over 81 global server locations, easy to use clients for every platform, and an ensured 100% no-log policy.

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