Über uns

Unsere Mission ist es, die Welt der Onlinesicherheit und Privatsphäre einfacher und für jeden zugänglich zu machen.

Unsere Geschichte

Auf meinen Reisen…

… habe ich regelmäßig öffentliches, ungesichertes WLAN genutzt und gemerkt, dass nicht jede Webseite in jedem Land zugänglich ist. Ich wusste bereits damals, dass ich mit einem VPN sicher online unterwegs sein und gleichzeitig auf Inhalte zugreifen kann, die ich für mein Studium in Großbritannien benötigte. Wieso? Weil ich mich für Technik und natürlich auch für meine Privatsphäre interessierte. Mir war schon damals klar, dass dieses Wissen nicht die Regel, sondern die Ausnahme war - und heute immer noch ist. Ziemlich unfair, wenn man bedenkt, dass 40% der Weltbevölkerung online ist und häufig nicht einmal weiß, dass das Internet einzig und allein wegen ihrem Standort oft nur eingeschränkt nutzbar ist.

Mein Freund Markus

… und ich haben uns dann zusammengesetzt, als ich von meinen Reisen zurück war. Ich hatte eine ziemlich gute Vorstellung davon, was ich in meinem Leben als nächstes machen wollte: das Problem anpacken und eine einfache Lösung für alle Menschen rund um den Globus zu bieten. Also hat sich Markus gleich an die Arbeit gemacht und damit angefangen, ZenMate zu entwickeln. Wir begannen mit der Kernverbindung zwischen deinem Gerät und dem Internet und bauten das, was du heute als ZenMate Core VPN kennst: Sicherheit, Privatsphäre und Zugang zu all deinen Lieblingsinhalten mit nur einem Klick.

Eine Idee wurde zur Vision

Das Internet ist schon längst nicht mehr nur für "Technik-Nerds" reserviert. Unsere Eltern sind online, vermutlich sogar die Großeltern. Gleichzeitig wächst die Bedrohung durch Internetkriminalität und dein traditionelles Anti-Viren-Programm reicht einfach nicht mehr aus. Die Gefahren im Internet und die Eingriffe in die Privatsphäre steigen stetig und reichen weit über den eigenen Computer, das Tablet oder Smartphone hinaus. Genau deshalb sollte jeder, der online ist, auch Zugang zu Internetsicherheit haben. Unsere Vision ist es, die Welt der Onlinesicherheit und Privatsphäre einfacher und für jeden zugänglich zu machen – selbst für meine Mutter.

- Simon Specka, Co-Founder

Deine ZenMates

Wir sind ein Team mit Mitarbeitern aus 20 Nationen und 4 ZenDogs, die alle jeden Tag mit Leidenschaft daran arbeiten, das Internet freier und sicherer zu machen. Unser Ziel ist es, clevere Produkte mit intuitiven Designs zu entwickeln, die es dir ermöglichen, sicher und anonym im Netz unterwegs zu sein – egal, wer Du bist und egal, wo Du bist. #EnjoySecurity





Wir schützen

dich im Netz
  • Markus

    Markus has well more than a decade of coding experience – some even say he could code before he could walk. Over the years he has worked for some really big cloud & technology companies and many startups. Markus is a Full-Stack Developer; able to oversee and manage every part of ZenMate's technological strategy. He is passionate about online security and privacy, loves lean & agile development and great product design.

  • Simon

    Simon loves Internet startups and business development. As a global citizen and frequent traveler he experienced the annoyance of restricted Internet first hand. Simon is passionate about great User Experience and likes to think "outside the box" to develop new solutions for unsolved problems. With a broad background in International Business and Innovation Management as well as a liking for technology he is able to develop and execute all business related aspects of the startup.

  • Andrei
    Managing Director & CEO

    Andrei comes from many places - at least from as many as the number of languages he speaks. Initially dedicated to the theory of communication, literature and different philological disciplines, he discovered all beauty of technical customer support, discrete charm of internet marketing, incredible adventures in the global e-commerce and consumer business. Apart from his wide experience he brings sweets for the whole team. Nothing is impossible - he says - when you have such a passionate team around you. He enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. He likes travel, cooking and collects coins from different places on earth.

  • Jörn
    Managing Director & CTO

    Jörn has been part of the Berlin startup scene for nearly twenty years and saw the rise and dawn of the new economy. Since then, he has led teams and departments in various startups and more “grown up” companies. His goal is to improve the communication between the development and other departments, while delivering high quality and innovative products. At ZenMate, he seeks to create a strong team that helps the company to protect the privacy of their users.

  • Gerry
    Senior Finance & Legal Manager

    At ZenMate, Gerry is taking care about all financial and legal matters. Being passionate about all things related to numbers he helps the team to gain insights from a financial and analytical point of view and being a helping hand in day to day operations. Outside of the ZenMate Office he has a strong interest in everything tech and tries to broaden his horizon in that area, or just enjoying Berlin City.

  • Victoria
    Head of People & Culture

    Victoria just joined the ZenMate team but is very familiar with the story behind. She was working at Project A, an operation VC, for the last 5 years and supported 35+ start-ups among us in various fields and in different stages. As an all-rounder in HR and with her passion for technical products, ZenMate is the perfect choice for her. Before entering the start-up scene, she studied economics (B.Sc.) and life-long learning (M.A) in Berlin and calls Berlin her home since 11 years.

  • Runa
    Office Manager & Team Assistant

    Runa is our multitasking talent. With a background in Communication Management and working experience within HR she makes sure that office management processes go well and that everybody is happy. As the companys „Feel Good Manager“ Runa takes care of peoples needs, helps onboarding new colleagues and realizes great team events. Cheers! Besides she covers the managing directors back by taking care of their schedules (which sometimes turns out to be the biggest challenge).

  • Daniel
    Data Scientist

    Having studied mathematics and thus being naturally familiar with numbers, Daniel found a pleasant home in ZenMate's business intelligence squad. He enjoys being able to contribute and support ZenMate, while helping to make their services widely available. As a counterbalance to working in a tech-focused company, Daniel loves to tinker around with whatever comes along - primarily bikes and boats.

  • Florian
    Senior Data Scientist

    After a long and diverse journey through Linguistics, Computer Science, Psychology and Neuroscience, Florian is delighted to apply his statistical and programming skills at ZenMate. Working as a data engineer/scientist for the sake of protecting people's privacy is a challenging oxymoron that combines the things he loves doing the most with a cause that he identifies with. His free time is dedicated to Meditation, Ultimate Frisbee, playing the Trumpet, Chess, Starcraft, and a healthy diet.

  • Katia
    Customer Support Agent

    Katia leads ZenMate's Customer Support and is doing a great job in keeping our users happy by answering all incoming questions with wit and expertise. She previously worked as an assistance for a museum's director and a curator, as support for tv-show guests and as a general support at film sets. Helping and supporting was therefore her job since around 7 years and at ZenMate Katia combines this experience with her passion for technology.

  • Emma
    Customer Support Agent

    Emma travelled all the way from Sweden, she climbed mountains, swam the ocean, and ran the autobahn just to be able to be here to support ZenMate's users. The list of her experience and qualifications were to long to fit in this tiny space, but her most outstanding quality is her modesty. When she's not translating tech language into human language, finds the cure for aids, or feeds starving children she's mostly out fist fighting polar bears, she's Swedish after all.

  • Melissa
    Customer Support Agent

    Melissa is a creative, passionate and a bit crazy tiny girl from the other side of the ocean. Besides enjoying helping customers at ZenMate she also loves travelling and everything that relates to art (from writing, painting or drawing, to dancing, singing or sculpting). She has a thing for innovation and especially for technology, so when she had the chance, she happily joined this team. Jack of all trades would be a suitable phrase to describe her.

  • Ekin
    Customer Support Working Student

    Growing up in Istanbul, Ekin developed a passion for the sea: Sailing, scuba diving, rowing, even simply swimming... After her studies, she decided to travel the world to learn more about different cultures and hear people's stories. Doing volunteer work in several continents made her realize that she finds great joy in helping others. Ekin’s master studies brought her to Berlin, and here, she is constantly looking for more ways to help ZenMate users, unless she is out there somewhere: Maybe on the sea or enjoying the day with her dogs.

  • Adam
    Customer Support Agent

    Hailing from the Irish capital, Adam has worked in customer service for 6 years, which has allowed him to acquire a strong ability to engage with others. With a passion for travelling and meeting new people, he has used his Spanish skills to master the lyrics to Despacito. While studying Audio Visual Media Technology, Adam had the opportunity to explore different aspects of AV. He loves long walks on the beach when he's not photoshopping Nicolas Cage's face on things.

  • Ronak
    Digital Marketing Engineer

    Ronak is an expert at consuming things most people would deem inedible. When he's not spending his free time lurking over pizza, Star Wars, pool, Rick & Morty, and Pokemon, Ronak likes to hide from the sun and crib about the summer. At ZenMate he's responsible for the company's CRM strategy to make sure everything's going smoothly and is a firm believer in experimenting with new ideas, concepts, and angles to see what works where.

  • Marcus
    SEO & Content Specialist

    Aside from learning the ways of Online Marketing at ZenMate, at the moment Marcus is writing his Bachelor Thesis at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Born in Canada and raised in Poland/United States, by the age of 24 he already lived in five countries. In his free time he enjoys going to the gym, reading Stephen King novels, traveling or playing video games with his friends.

  • Daphna
    Affiliate Administration Manager

    Born in Israel and grew up in Europe. Having lived in different countries and attended international schools, Daphna is passionate about travelling, meeting people, cultures and learning languages. Her hospitality together with her business background have led her to work in different industries to get various perspectives on these fields combined. Daphna cares about creating and maintaining relationships personally and professionally, as well as creating great customer experiences. On her spare time, she enjoys swimming, spending time outdoors, travelling, cooking and eating.

  • Clarisse
    Affiliate & Partnership Manager

    Born and raised in Paris, Clarisse moved to Berlin almost 6 years ago where she gained first experience in the digital world and the start-up scene, before joining the ZenMate family. When not working, Clarisse loves to cook French delicacies (and eat them), attend photos exhibits, visit the world and enjoy Berlin's sweet way of life.

  • Chris
    VP of Product Operations

    Coming from New Zealand, Chris is making Berlin his home, a long way from the Land of the Long White Cloud. With a technical background in internet and internet security, plus product experience in some of Berlin's hot startups, Chris has joined ZenMate to be a part of the hottest startup protecting everyone from the internet baddies.

  • Natasha
    Delivery Manager

    Natasha is from Goa, a place where people still take long siestas in the afternoon, and she didn't exactly fit in there. Then she met some Germans - who were as organized as she was, while still managing to have loads of fun - and she said "these are my people" and moved to Berlin. Natasha had been a ZenMate user right from when the Chrome extension first came out, due to her love of media content and savvy about the interwebs. So when ZenMate needed someone to help them organize things better, it seemed like fate! And you don't turn your back on fate...

  • Marjeta
    Conversion Rate Specialist

    Marjeta started her career as an architect and urban designer. She spent some time making conceptual designs for fancy buildings in China until she got introduced to an early stage startup and discovered her new passion in online technologies. After having helped two finance startups successfully launch and operate she decided it was time to dig into something new. She is now part of online security forces at ZenMate, pushing ahead projects that make internet a safer place.

  • Gorka
    QA Tester

    Once upon a time, Gorka crossed the ocean, emulating his Basque ancestors, to put his feet in Canada. Making a living as a QA in the videogames industry, he discovered his natural skills to provide and improve quality. Not satisfied with the experience and searching for new challenges, he ended up in the capital of fun Berlin, at ZenMate, where he lives happily ever after. Old-School rocker, Gorka enjoys playing guitar and spending time with his dogs.

  • Luiz
    Backend Engineer

    Previously living in Brasil, Luiz decided to try something new and moved to Berlin. Now he is using his Ruby skills to help the internet be a safer place with ZenMate. When he is not coding he can be found anywhere in Berlin enjoying the outdoors.

  • Menno
    Backend Engineer

    Born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands Menno has been studying software development for the last 4 years and developing a great interest in agile development. After 21 years of living in his hometown he decided it was time for a drastic change and traded his small town life for big city dreams working at various Berlin based start-ups. In his free time you can find him riding his bike, digging through vinyl crates, or simply at home stretched on the couch. Making up his minor lack of graphical design skills with his problem solving skills, critical thinking and willingness to learn Menno is on his way to becoming a valuable member of the ZenMate Team.

  • Phil
    Senior Javascript Engineer

    Phil wrote his first program in BASIC when he was studying in Elementary school. Since then he wrote software in PASCAL, C#, Java, C++, Python, Swift and JavaScript. Phil enjoys solving programming challenges and participating in hackathons (and win them). But just writing programs is not his only passion. Phil have taught more than 100 students to write apps in JavaScript and he continues to share his knowledge. In his free time he enjoys watching series, sleeping and traveling.

  • Dmitri
    Senior Javascript Engineer

    Dmitri is a long-time passionate open-source developer. Before joining ZenMate, he also worked as lead Javascript Engineer on different commercial projects in Kyiv, Ukraine. His work focuses on user interaction as well as developing applications using node.js backends. He is a strong advocate of modern universal Javascript and creator of http://esnextb.in.

  • Elias
    Marketing Frontend Developer

    Elias loves new technologies and the web in all of it’s glory. He started his computer science journey in 2007 and went through all kind of different areas. He finally ended up in Berlin where he studied International media and computing. If he does not stick to his Mac, he loves to make music and enjoys the amazing culture inside the vibrant city of Berlin.

  • Wellington
    Senior DevOps Automation Engineer

    Having followed the digital evolution since child and also thanks to Wellington’s curiosity made him to take the machines as work for life. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and having acted in multiple roles since graduation gave him the direction of his passion. At ZenMate Wellington could find much of his own beliefs and culture. His hobbies are linked to music, cult movies, cooking, good reading and DIY.

  • Sadegh
    Client Development Working Student

    Starting Computer Programming with QBasic at the age of 13 and the numerous adventures along with it, have given direction to Sadegh's professional life. As a creative programmer, he coded for some of major industrial projects such as Energy and Banking in a teamwork atmosphere. He has been designing, developing and maintaining codes on almost every platform. As a member of ZenMate, he is a Client Developer. Besides working, he studies MBA.

  • Gojira

    Gojira was born in the south of Spain, but she decided to move to the dog friendliest city in Europe, Berlin. Now she spends her days at ZenMate, a place where she feels loved and protected. She can lie down in any corner she likes and everybody caresses her with affection. ZenDog Rosa takes all the attention though, but she loves her anyways. Very calm and gentle, Gojira brings the Zen to ZenMate.

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