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Your privacy is protected.

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Install ZenMate in 30 seconds and for free

  • Encrypts and protects your browser traffic
  • Hides your real location and activity
  • Access any website from anywhere
  • For free and just a few clicks away!

Internet Security

Encrypt everything

Whether you are at home, travelling, or using a public WiFi network – ZenMate encrypts and secures your connection. It protects your internet privacy while browsing. No tracking, wiretapping or any chance to compromise your data. Simply internet security at its best for your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and mobile device (Android and iOS)!

Privacy protected

Browse anonymously

We route your traffic through our free vpn cloud-network of highly secure servers. This means your personal IP address will not be visible and replaced by a generic ZenMate IP address. You’ll be completely anonymous - untraceable, unidentifiable and secure.


Get what you love

Unlock your favorite content and access ANY website!

You want to access limited, blocked or geo-restricted content? We’ve got you covered! Internet freedom should be unconditional: ZenMate ensures your internet access remains unbiased and completely unrestricted. With ZenMate running in the background, your internet access is open and unrestricted so you can roam the web and unblock websites (e.g. Youtube), free to explore as you please!


Privacy Protected?

Your privacy is protected.

Thank you for using ZenMate

Install ZenMate in 30 seconds and for free

  • Encrypts and protects your browser traffic
  • Hides your real location and activity
  • Access any website from anywhere
  • For free and just a few clicks away!

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How We Work

Internet Security with a single click

Our high speed servers encrypt and redirect your traffic, hiding your real IP and location. It works just like a free proxy service but is much more simple to use and even more secure: toggle on and off with a single click! We also compress all data going through the ZenMate cloud for maximum browsing speed using a VPN-like technology.

Quick & Easy

Made for everyone!

Internet security is no longer a privilege only available to computer experts. ZenMate is super simple to use and integrates quick and easy into your browser. No fiddly desktop application or difficult set-up process needed. Simple and easy anonymous browsing!


Green shield to go

We put a lot of effort into building an app that secures your device and provides the fastest connection possible at the same time. Now you can get encryption, unblocking even more great features on your device!

Data compression

Get more out of your data plan, whether it’s contract or pay as you go. ZenMate can compress your data by up to 30% and brings you real cost savings.


We’re proud that our server technology is second to none; it’s high-speed and highly protected. Combined with ZenMate data compression, your browsing will become a whole lot faster.

Harmful Sites Block

We take your safety seriously. Our ZenMate Cloud detects and blocks harmful websites, defending you against internet dangers like malware, phishing sites and hackers.


Every data connection of your device will be protected using ZenMate's state of the art 256-bit encrypted virtual private network. It is deeply integrated into your OS and secures all your internet activities including all apps!

Don't take our word for it

Check out what our users have to say

"Zenmate is very user-friendly and does a great job protecting my privacy."

"It is the first add-on I get on a fresh chrome installation and I recommended it to all my friends, no matter how tech-savvy they are."

Online Marketing Manager from Cologne, Germany

"I recently installed ZenMate and absolutely love it."

"Suddenly [my old] VPN seems so complex. I have a full year subscription for a VPN service but haven't logged in once after installing ZenMate. Just love it! It is a great way to hide my IP."

Creative Director from Mumbai, India

"Easy and safe solution – exactly what I needed! I frequently work from places like cafés and airports where I use public WiFi to do work and online banking."

"I was always worried about my security – thank's to ZenMate not anymore!"

Entrepreneur from Munich, Germany, who often works from public WiFi
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