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Why should you use ZenMate?

Internet Privacy

Website trackers from banner ads, website analytics, and social media are like eyes following you around the Internet, reporting your movements back to HQ. ZenMate is like wearing a cloak of invisibility - you can go anywhere undetected.


Shield your Identity Online

WiFi Security

When you connect to the Internet using unsecured or public wifi, anyone on the same network can sneak in and steal your information. ZenMate is your suit of armor which protects you while traveling through unfamiliar Internet.

Unrestricted Internet by VPN

Some websites such as streaming videos, news publications, or social media are denied to you if you're in a specific country or region. ZenMate allows you to choose your public location, and access otherwise restricted content.

ZenMate is your Cyber Security solution

When you connect through our worldwide network of highly secure proxy servers, your information is encrypted and kept safe from malicious sites and hackers. It also allows you to choose which country you’d like to connect from - throwing off any bad guys.


One-Click Connection

Connecting to ZenMate is as easy as flipping a switch. Go from fully exposed to fully protected - with a single click!


Super Fast Encryption

Your connection is sent through our network of cloud servers which encrypt your data and shield you from sight.


Safe, Secure & Private

You’re now safe from Cyber-attacks. Surf the web with confidence, and gain access to a whole new world of content.

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