5 Ways ZenMate Can Save You Money Now

Monday 8th, October 2018

ZenMate enhances your security and encrypts your online traffic but it can do much more - it can even help you save money, through unblocking, avoiding tracking, data compression and keeping you safe from identity theft. Here are 5 ways ZenMate can save you money.

Avoid tracking to get the best price

We’ve all been there, we delay booking hotels, car rentals or flights, in the hope the price will come down or we will find a better offer. But on returning to the original offer we find the price has increased. Websites can monitor things such as your IP and will use them to influence the price you see.

ZenMate can help you avoid by helping you hide your IP and preventing sites from tracking you. Also make sure to regularly delete your cookies.

Check out prices in other countries and in different currencies

Sometimes the best offers are limited to particular locations. Or a favourable conversion rate can save you money. ZenMate has several global server locations that allow you to change locations and access offers that might not be available in your home country.

It can also allow you to access sites and see the prices in a different currency. If you live in a country that suffers price discrimination like Australia, ZenMate can help you save money on a range of items.

Access blocked or unavailable content in your home country

You don’t have to resort to paying extra to buy your favourite movies or shows on different formats. Using ZenMates 81+ different servers locations you can access different streaming services, get access to Netflix’s full selection by using our USA server. Or watch BBC iplayer with our UK server.

Bandwith Compression

Smartphone compression can help you get more out of your data contract. It’s a great new feature of our premium smarthpone accounts. It doesn’t affect your browsing, apps or require anything more complicated than the ZenMate app and a premium account.

It works just as it sounds, the data is compressed while passing through the ZenMate servers so you get all the same content and information but it uses less bandwith in the process.

Avoid the cost of Identity theft

An invdividual case of identity thefts costs the victim on average $4,930 in the USA. ZenMate can help you stay safe from identity theft. ZenMate hides you IP, a starting point for many data thiefs looking for targets. ZenMate encrypts your browser, meaning that your internet traffic is secure.

ZenMate is particularly useful when accessing the internet using public Wifi which is at a higher risk of hacking and man in the middle attacks. ZenMate will creates a secure connection when shopping online or accessing sensitive data.

While your security is our main focus at ZenMate, there are numerous other advantages to using a VPN everyday. Saving money is one of those advantages.

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