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Why you'll Love ZenMate VPN

Serveurs Favoris
Bookmark your favorite servers so you'll be able to connect to them with ease whenever you want.
Débloquez les Services de Streaming
ZenMate VPN has dedicated streaming servers for Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, and more.
VPN sécurisé pour tout appareil
Disponible sur : Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV, OpenVPN, Chrome, Opera et Firefox.

Masquez votre Adresse IP
Change your IP address to one from a different location by connecting to our remote servers.
Protégez vos données personnelles
Keep your personal information safe with ZenMate VPN and never worry about hacked passwords or emails.
Connexion en un Tap
Lancez ZenMate VPN, tapez sur le logo et vous voilà 100 % anonyme.

Connectez-vous à nos serveurs répartis dans + de 37 pays à travers le monde

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Why Choose ZenMate VPN

Des serveurs ultra rapides dans plus de 37 emplacements

ZenMate VPN has about 2200+ servers in over 37 countries worldwide. You'll be able to connect to any of them with ease and find the location and server that work best for you.

Aucun archivage de données

At ZenMate VPN we have a strict zero-logs policy, which means we never keep any records of our users' activity and all their information remains private from the moment they connect to one of our servers.

Protégez l'intégralité de vos appareils !

Protect all your gadgets and configure OpenVPN connections for any device. We have easy to follow step-by-step guides for OpenVPN Windows, OpenVPN mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, and even routers.

Chiffrement de niveau militaire

ZenMate VPN uses the best military-grade encryption technology to make sure all your personal information and sensitive data is safe, and no hackers or cyber-criminals can get their hands on it.

Comment débloquer des sites

Bypass geographical restrictions imposed by authoritarian governments and discover a free and open internet by accessing any website in the world.

Plus de 47 Millions d'Utilisateurs conquis

Since 2013, ZenMate VPN has helped over 47 million people override geo-restrictions, become totally anonymous online, and keep their personal information safe and protected.

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Foire aux questions

OpenVPN is an open source VPN protocol, published under the GNU General Public License and founded by James Yonan. The protocol is used by a VPN service to create an encryption tunnel that keeps your internet data safe from hackers and cyber-criminals.

To connect OpenVPN you'll need a VPN client. Then download and install a connection setting file from their website and launch and connect your VPN and it will connect to an OpenVPN server.

To set-up OpenVPN, first to download the OpenVPN client and then download the config file.

Then upload the config file into the OpenVPN software you're using. Launch your VPN service and connect OpenVPN.