• ZenMate Culture

    You're a Human Being, not a Human Resource.

    Here at ZenMate, we’re striving to make the web a free and secure place with our awesome, vision driven products and highly skilled team. We provide a dynamic work environment that will allow you to develop and learn new things every day. Although we work hard and expect excellence, we appreciate that everyone has a life outside of work and encourage a healthy work/life balance.

  • Get in touch!

    We're located in Berlin, Germany (a great place to live!) and work out of an awesome, spacious office with a rooftop terrace. In general we don't really care if you have a university degree or not, but what we expect is mastery in the field you are working in, so please tell us in a few lines why your are the best person for the job. We offer attractive salary packages for ambitious applicants with a lot of room for growth and greatly encourage people with the creativity and ideas that’ll help us become even better - so come join our amazing team in our trendy, light-filled office in Berlin.

  • Apply now!

    We’re looking for people who share our passion for online privacy and security and take pride in the ownership of their work while being able to function fully in a team setting in the busy environment of a start-up. Sound like you? Check out our current positions below – We’re looking forward to hearing from you! ☺


Startup jobs in Berlin

Get a job you'll love.

At ZenMate we embrace the challenges we face every day.

We’re looking forward to meeting skilled individuals who like to get things done – daily.

Unlike other start-ups, we don’t just copy what’s already out there but work hard to stay on the cutting edge of web and network development.

  • Bored with e-commerce?

    Join a great team and embrace challenges everyday.

  • Tired with working for a penny?

    We offer attractive salary packages above the Berlin-Brandenburg average.

  • Looking for respect?

    Here, you're valued as a kickass expert - not just another employee.

  • Everything is included.

    MacBooks and displays on every desk, delicious food and drinks and all the support you'll need in Berlin.
    Need a Visa or Flat? - Let us handle that for you.


An inspiring city to live in.

Berlin is the most hyped city in the world for a reason.

Have a better life, not just a better job.
Come here and check it out for yourself!

Berlin has everything you could want in a city; world class clubs, the most famous orchestra in the world, great places to eat and a gigantic start-up scene with lots of events to attend every month. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests – no wonder tourism has exploded here recently! Despite this, flats and hotels are still an absolute steal. So come and check it out and don’t forget to drop by to say hello!


Work with the tools you love

At ZenMate we believe that experts work best with tools they choose themselves

Need new hardware or software? Anything is possible!

New employees can freely configure the hardware they need to truly excel at their work. Whether it's the newest Linux-powerhouse or an individually configured Mac: You name it, we'll order for you.


Food and Drinks delivered.

Because the basics should be taken care of.

Great places to eat nearby, delivery services all around

When there’s nothing you fancy in our well stocked kitchen, the ZenMate team normally enjoys their lunchbreaks at one of the many nearby restaurants or sitting on the meadow in the park. If you just can’t tear yourself away from your project for that long – don’t worry! We’ll call in a take-away for you!


A team: Not just at work.

Not just colleagues, but friends.

Everyone has a place in our fun, international team.

We believe that a team that gets along well together, works well together. After you get to know our fantastic group at one of our many team events or evenings, you’ll see that at ZenMate, everyone is considered a friend, not just a co-worker.


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