Google Play Store Flooded with Fake VPN Apps

July 23rd, 2018

Recently, a plague of fake VPN apps has flooded the Google Play Store. After a careful analysis by the security researcher Nikolaos Chrysaidos, the store currently has dozens of published fake VPN apps. These apps do not provide any security or privacy when connecting to the internet, but only constantly spam the user with ads with the intention of monetization. A simple, yet effective scam.

As Google often relies on automated quality control in the Google Play Store, many fake apps are allowed to be listed in the market. Mr. Chrysaidos summarizes that many of the apps belong to the same developer, none of them work, and their primary focus is on monetizing through ads. Despite low ratings and many negative reviews, a large number of people still continue to download the apps from the store in hope of finding a free working VPN.

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Hopefully, Google will soon make their quality assurance process more through and eliminate fake apps which can easily compromise the online security and privacy of users around the world.

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