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With the 2018 World Cup in Russia, fans around the world are ready to witness the greatest sporting event of the year. The past few World Cups have seen us witness Germany crushing Brazil 7-1 or watching Zidane headbutt Materazzi. Who knows what drama the 2018 World Cup will bring us - and to make sure you're ready for it, stream the World Cup with a VPN, wherever you are, in whichever language you prefer, and make sure your days of buffering or tolerating foreign-broadcast commentaries are behind you.

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Why use a VPN to watch the World Cup?

With the World Cup being hosted in Russia this year, fans around the world are in a dizzy to make sure they're not missing a single moment. For most of us back home, our best shot is to watch the games on TV, or stream them online. But for those of us on the move, we can't always be sure to get the best HD streams in the language of our choice, and can't always connect to international TV stations from where we are.

Here's where a VPN comes in. Connecting to your VPN allows your device to "appear" to be in a country of your choice, giving you complete access to the streaming options and media services of that country.

Sitting in a cafe in Tokyo and want to watch the game in German? Switch to a German server.

Waiting for your flight back home from Dubai to London? Switch to a UK server and continue watching the game in English.

Image showing how to connect to ZenMate VPNThere are many of other benefits when it comes to watching the World Cup with a VPN:

  • You can hide your streaming activities from your ISP, who may be blocking unpaid streaming websites that aren't on your cable network.
  • You can hide your streaming activites from advertisers and malicious parties, ensuring that certain flash run components on these websites do not leak your real location and browsing habits.
  • You can always ensure to have an encrypted, stable connection to the internet, giving you a consistent streaming experience so you never miss a single shot.
  • You can start watching a game on one device, and switch to another. If you're in a foreign country, you can connect to a location of your choice and watch a part of the game on mobile, and as soon as you're back to a room, connect your laptop to the same location and seamlessly transition from device to device.


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How to watch the World Cup using a VPN

Using ZenMate to watch the World Cup couldn't be easier!
  • Click on "Get ZenMate" on
  • Once you've signed up and created your account, choose your preferred platform.
  • If you're streaming within your browser, install ZenMate for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.
  • If you're streaming on mobile, download ZenMate's apps for iOS or Android.
  • If you're using a streaming service as a desktop app, then ZenMate for Windows and Mac will keep your entire system encrypted and let your entire device location change.
  • Once you have ZenMate, turn the apps on with one simple click, and choose your favourite location.
  • That's it! Your device is protected and you'll appear to be in your chosen location. Stream the games using your favourite sites and stay safe!

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If you're wondering where to stream the game

These are the list of official streaming partners for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia


Broadcast Language






English – Australia Optus Sport Free trial
English – Australia SBS Free
English – Canada CTV Requires cable
English – Canada TSN Requires cable
English – U.S. FOX Sports app
FOX Sports GO
Requires cable
English – U.S. Fubo TV Free trial
English – UK BBC Free
English – UK ITV Free trial
French – Canada RDS Requires cable
French – France TF1 Free
French – France beIN Sports Subscription required
German – Germany ARD Free
German – Germany ZDF Free
German – Germany Sky Sport Subscription required
German – Austria ORF Free
German – Switzerland SRG SSR Free
Italian Mediaset Free
Portuguese – Portugal RTP Free
Portuguese – Portugal SIC Free
Portuguese – Brazil Globo Subscription required
Portuguese – Brazil SporTV Subscription required
Portuguese – Brazil Fox Sports Subscription required
Russian Perviy Kanal Free
Russian VGTRK Free
Russian Match TV Free
Spanish – Argentina TV Pública Free
Spanish – Argentina DirecTV Subscription required
Spanish – Argentina TyC Sports Subscription required
Spanish – U.S. Telemundo Requires cable
Spanish – Spain Mediaset España Telecinco Free
Spanish – Spain Mediaset España Cuatro Free
Danish DR Free
Dutch NOS Free
Arabic beIN Sports Subscription required
Arabic KAN 11 Free  
Arabic MAKAN 33 Free
Bengali BTV Free
Bengali Nagorik TV Subscription required
Hindi Sony Pictures Networks Subscription required


Full World Cup 2018 fixtures, schedule, and results

Ensure you never miss a single moment during the World Cup.

Group stage

June 14: Russia v Saudi Arabia (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Group A)
June 15: Egypt v Uruguay (Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg, Group A)
June 15: Morocco v Iran (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Group B)
June 15: Portugal v Spain (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi, Group B)
June 16: France v Australia (Kazan Arena, Kazan, Group C)
June 16: Argentina v Iceland (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow, Group D)
June 16: Peru v Denmark (Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Group C)
June 16: Croatia v Nigeria (Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, Group D)
June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia (Samara Arena, Samara, Group E)
June 17: Germany v Mexico (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Group F)
June 17: Brazil v Switzerland (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, Group E)
June 18: Sweden v South Korea (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, Group F)
June 18: Belgium v Panama (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi, Group G)
June 18: Tunisia v England (Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, Group G)
June 19: Poland v Senegal (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow, Group H)
June 19: Colombia v Japan (Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Group H)
June 19: Russia v Egypt (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Group A)
June 20: Portugal v Morocco (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Group B)
June 20: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, Group A)
June 20: Iran v Spain (Kazan Arena, Kazan, Group B)
June 21: France v Peru (Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg, Group C)
June 21: Denmark v Australia (Samara Arena, Samara, Group C)
June 21: Argentina v Croatia (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, Group D)
June 22: Brazil v Costa Rica (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Group E)
June 22: Nigeria v Iceland (Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, Group D)
June 22: Serbia v Switzerland (Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, Group E)
June 23: Belgium v Tunisia (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow, Group G)
June 23: Germany v Sweden (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi, Group F)
June 23: South Korea v Mexico (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, Group F)
June 24: England v Panama (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, Group G)
June 24: Japan v Senegal (Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg, Group H)
June 24: Poland v Colombia (Kazan Arena, Kazan, Group H)
June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, Group A)
June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Samara Arena, Samara, Group A)
June 25: Iran v Portugal (Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Group B)
June 25: Spain v Morocco (Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, Group B)
June 26: Australia v Peru (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi, Group C)
June 26: Denmark v France (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Group C)
June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don, Group D)
June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Group D)
June 27: South Korea v Germany (Kazan Arena, Kazan, Group F)
June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Central Stadium, Yekaterinburg, Group F)
June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow, Group E)
June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, Group E)
June 28: Japan v Poland (Volgograd Arena, Volgograd, Group H)
June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Samara Arena, Samara, Group H)
June 28: England v Belgium (Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad, Group G)
June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Mordovia Arena, Saransk, Group G)

Round of 16

June 30: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Kazan Arena, Kazan)
June 30: A1 v B2 (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi)
July 1: B1 v A2 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)
July 1: D1 v C2 (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod)
July 2: E1 v F2 (Samara Arena, Samara)
July 2: G1 v H2 (Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-Don)
July 3: F1 v E2 (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg)
July 3: H1 v G2 (Otkrytie Arena, Moscow)


July 6: Winner R16 1 v Winner R16 2 (Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod)
July 6: Winner R16 5 v Winner R16 6 (Kazan Arena, Kazan)
July 7: Winner R16 7 v Winner R16 8 (Samara Arena, Samara)
July 7: Winner R16 3 v Winner R16 4 (Fisht Olympic Stadium, Sochi)


July 10: Winner QF1 v Winner QF 2 (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg)
July 11: Winner QF3 v Winner QF 4 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)

Third-placed play-off

July 14: Loser SF1 v Loser SF 2 (Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg)


July 15: Winner SF1 v Winner SF 2 (Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow)



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