ZenMate expands its sales in Africa thanks to the partnership with Tech Wise Solutions

  • ZenMate announces partnership with Tech Wise Solutions

  • This partnership enables ZenMate to sell its services across whole Africa thanks to the extended reseller’s network of Tech Wise

  • ZenMate VPN is sold now online in South Africa and Kenya, sales in other African countries are expected soon


September 26th, 2018


ZenMate (https://www.zenmate.com), the leading VPN service provider owned by the internet security and privacy company ZenGuard GmbH, has announced a new partnership with Tech Wise Solutions, a supplier of IT security software products, smart home security, and cutting-edge electronics for Africa. This collaboration will not only strengthen ZenMate’s position in the African online security market but also provide an opportunity to raise brand awareness and accomplish ZenMate’s ambition to penetrate the African security market.

Starting from September, customers in South Africa and Kenya can purchase ZenMate VPN premium subscriptions directly from the Tech Wise website. The subscriptions will also soon be available through the extended network of Tech Wise resellers across the whole Africa. This additional distribution channel will definitely bolster ZenMate’s market position in Africa and allow growth of VPN user base.

Internet usage in Africa varies severely per country with Keyna being in the lead with 80% of the population having regular access to the internet. South Africa follows with slightly more than half of the population, mostly concentrated in the nation’s biggest cities - Johannesburg, Kapetown, and Pretoria. The main use of VPNs in Africa is for unblocking content, closely followed by security reasons and political censorship.

“Recent law changes in Uganda and Tanzania in regards to social media, as well as some of the expected developments in few other African countries seen as a threat to online privacy and freedom, immediately resulted in considerable increase of interests in ZenMate products from customers coming from different African countries. On our side this led to inevitable question around sales development and challenges we are facing in terms of payment options, currencies, service delivery etc. After some considerations we decided to find reliable partner in Africa who has ability to scale business fast. Tech Wise Solutions with its extensive network of thousands of resellers across whole Africa was a natural choice and we are happy to announce our partnership” stated Andrei Mochola, the CEO of ZenMate.


About ZenGuard GmbH
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, ZenGuard GmbH (https://www.zenmate.com ) provides a multi-platform security software and service that encrypts and secures users' internet connection and protects their privacy while browsing. With its ZenMate flagship privacy service, ZenGuard prevents snoopers, hackers, governments, and ISPs from spying on users' web browsing activities, downloads, credit card information, and more. In addition to a slimmed-down free version, ZenMate is also available as a Premium model with a subscription. With hundreds of servers in over 30 global locations and more than 45 million users, ZenMate is one of the world's leading VPNs.


About Tech Wise Solution
Tech Wise Solutions was founded in 2016, commencing business as an Online Electronic Software delivery platform to Consumers and SMME Enterprise customers. The business has since grown, to incorporate the new division, namely Tech Wise Business Solutions, focusing on B2B Software Channel Distribution.