Unblock Facebook

Can't connect to Facebook, but every other website is working? Don't worry! No matter if you are at work, school or simply traveling through a country where social media sites are blocked, using a VPN will help you gain access to your Facebook account. Don't know what a VPN is and how it is able to unblock Facebook? Read on below and find out how to become more private and secure while connected to the internet.

Unblock your Facebook account and messenger in 3 easy steps:

Whether on your laptop, phone or tablet, just follow these 3 easy steps and unblock Facebook in an instant.

1. Visit the ZenMate homepage, click on DOWNLOADS and choose your desired platform. ZenMate VPN works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more.

2. Once downloaded, follow the steps to create a ZenMate account.

3. Choose your desired virtual location and connect. With over 30+ server locations, ZenMate VPN will make sure you always have access to the content you love.ZenMate VPN on a phone ready to unblock facebook

Why can't I access Facebook?

There might be several reasons why you are not able to connect to Facebook from your current location. The country you are in might be blocking access to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Another reason could be, that your workplace or educational institution does not allow access to Facebook through their network. Whatever it might be, using ZenMate VPN will solve the issue.

How does a VPN unblock Facebook?

To understand how a VPN works, you first need to know how Facebook can be blocked based on your location. Your IP address which is a unique number used to identify your device online, reveals to websites your geographical location. IP addresses can be easily used by governments or internet providers to block you from accessing certain websites.

By using a VPN, you can easily change your IP address. VPN service providers own servers in various global locations and therefore are able to exchange your IP address with one of theirs. With ZenMate, just choose the country which you would like to appear from and connect. By changing your IP you can access Facebook and all the other content that you love. ZenMate VPN provides over 30 global locations and hundreds of servers.

Why should I use a VPN to unblock Facebook?

A VPN is the only safe, reliable and quick solution for unblocking Facebook or any other content online. ZenMate VPN not only changes your IP location, it also encrypts all your data. This means no one can follow your trail online, not even the government or your internet provider. VPN is the ultimate tool for internet security, private browsing and unblocking websites.

Should I use a free Proxy?

Often, people use proxy websites to quickly access blocked content. This can lead to serious problems such as identity theft. Proxy websites can be a dangerous threat to your online security and privacy and are often operated by cybercriminals. All the data you type online can be collected and sold, including email addresses, passwords, bank details or credit card information. A proxy infrastructure is expensive to run, so why would anyone provide it for free?Explanation how a VPN unblocks facebook

Why is ZenMate the best site unblocker out there?

ZenMate is a trusted and reliable VPN service with over 41 million users worldwide. We have hundreds of servers in 30+ different locations around the globe, which means you can access the content you love anytime, anywhere. ZenMate offers top-notch encryption and does not log any of our users’ browsing data or online activity. We are committed to helping create a more secure, private and free internet for all. Download ZenMate VPN today and unblock your Facebook or any other content that is being blocked for you.